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The mission of the Tucker University curriculum is to make it simple for shop owners to implement a series of  technique courses based on Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design tools. 

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From Claudia - Patchwork Quilts, Montana

Dear Beth,  I want to say thank you for all the help you have given me. I know that Quilt Market will begin in a few days.  I can hardly believe that my friend, Lynda, and I were attending just a year ago.  Lynda, convinced me to sign up for Tucker U and she would teach the class. We had such high hopes for your program.  However as I told you, Lynda was diagnosed with lung cancer and was gone in just 7 months.

I was able to find another teacher, Sue P., and she is wonderful. I live in a very small town in Montana, the population is 40,000 for the entire Bitterroot Valley that is approximately 100 miles long.  The shop is 80 miles away (roundtrip) from a freeway. My market is quite small. I had prayed that I could fill 12 spots as my average per class is 6.  We started Tucker U, Freshman year in January. As of this date I have signed up amlost 84 for Tucker 101. 

I know I have talked to you before and I truly don't want to brag.  I just thought with market coming up, this is one incredible success story.  Again thank you, your classes have put me in the black every month.

Sincerely, Claudia 


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